Why Can’t My Child Read? 4 Professionals to Consult

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Learning how to read is a milestone in a child’s development. If your child has been struggling with literacy, you might be wracking your mind trying to figure out what the issue is. Because knowing how to read involves so many different parts of the mind and body, there can be different reasons your child is struggling. These are four professionals you should consult to help your child.

1. Speech Pathologist

Reading is a form of communication, just like speaking. A correlation between reading struggles and speech difficulties exists. Consider how well your children communicates in general. If they have trouble with things like enunciation, it could explain their troubles with reading. A speech pathologist will work with your child to develop their communication skills and grow in confidence.

2. Psychologist

Psychologists aren’t just for adults, and they can address more issues than you might realize. Setting up an appointment for your child could help give a diagnosis that explains their reading difficulties. A strong child psychologist will be able to make your child feel safe as they speak with them. They should offer means of intervention that help your child to catch up with their age group in terms of reading ability. Not all students learn the same way, and a different approach could be the answer to helping your child.

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3. Doctor

At your child’s next doctor’s appointment, consult with their pediatrician to see what their assessment of their reading struggles is. It could be indicative of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed right away. The important is to take care of these things as soon as possible. The longer you wait to address this, the longer it will take for your child to catch up.

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4. Behavioural Optometrist

It can be easy to overlook how critical the eyes are to the reading process. You need to be able to move them up and down the page without getting strained. If your children has issues learning to read, it could be due to poor eyesight. A behavioral optometrist will test your child’s eyesight to see if it provides any answers. A pair of glasses might be exactly what they need. They may have issues with eye coordination, visual comfort when reading, blurry vision, or focus problems that may cause these issues.

If your child is struggling to learn to read, don’t despair. Some of the brightest minds had a bit of a slow start. The important thing is to keep teaching them and provide them with constant encouragement. These professionals can also give an important perspective that helps you and your child to understand what their main issues are and work to become better readers.

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