Why is Class 8th The Right Time to Start Engineering Preparation?

Written by Harshad Patankar

If your child shows an interest towards science and engineering, then it’s highly beneficial to get their engineering preparation started as early as class 8. The primary reason for this practice is that it will give them a head start which will keep them ahead of their peers.

Students need to crack the JEE exam to pursue engineering in India. It is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country and requires students to be passionate about science and mathematics. Cracking the JEE exam also calls for sheer dedication, and it’s not possible if students don’t work hard enough. Starting to prepare for JEE from as early as class 8 helps students in many ways. As per the experts and renowned JEE faculty, class 8 is the best time for students to start preparing for JEE. Students can join the coaching institute now, start studying and prepare thoroughly for their engineering dream. To join a coaching institute, students can appear for ANTHE – one of the most reputed scholarship exams for class 8.

Here are the reasons why class 8th is the right time to start engineering preparation

1. Makes Students More Serious From Early On

Students who begin their JEE preparation from class 8 are more serious about education by the time they reach class 11th and 12th. Since students are in that study zone since class 8, it improves their focus which makes it easier for them to concentrate on vast JEE syllabus when the time comes. The best way to start preparing from class 8 onwards is by joining a renowned coaching institute that puts students in the front seat.

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2. More Time to Prepare

Students who prepare for JEE know that two years (class 11th and 12th) are a hit-or-miss when it comes to preparing for JEE. The level of competition in JEE is high, and the syllabus is vast; most students are not able to prepare as thoroughly as they would want. It is one of the foremost reasons why starting from class 8 helps students incredibly. Students have five full years to dedicate for their JEE preparation. By the time other students will start preparing, students who began in class 8th will already be miles ahead of others. They will be better at knowing the fundamentals and have that frame of mind required to crack JEE examination.

3. Keep Students Ahead of Competition

The chief reason for starting to prepare early is that it keeps students ahead of the competition. It gives them the required edge over their peers which helps them in performing better. Furthermore, students who start early are already acquainted with the examination pattern and can attempt the JEE exam in a much better way. They are in sync with the syllabus and know the tips and tricks required to crack the exam.

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4. Less Pressure

Supplementing school education with coaching classes and vice versa helps students in lowering the pressure. Also, students of class 8th are less pressurised at school, making it an ideal time to start their engineering preparation. It is the perfect time to begin JEE preparation as students can take small steps and acquaint themselves with what lays ahead of them. Joining a coaching institute is perhaps the best way to lay a guided path for JEE preparation. Instead of students wasting their time over years till they come in class 11th, they can start preparing early and give their preparation the required edge. By the time they are in class 11th, they will be better equipped than their peers and have a thorough idea about the syllabus and hard work required for JEE preparation.

There is no doubt that engineering remains as one of the most popular career choices in India. However, the popularity of this career has led to increased competition. Students who are in class 8th should start preparing right away if they wish to give their engineering dream a kickstart. There are many scholarship exams for class 8 students that can help in innumerable ways. Students can appear for ANTHE, which is among the most reputed scholarship exams for class 8. Meritorious students can win up to 100% scholarship that can give them the financial freedom to prepare for JEE.

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