Modern Manufacture: How to Find a Reputable Supplier

Written by Harshad Patankar

Business owners depend on others more than some would like to admit. Manufacturers like you know this first-hand since a lot of your success depends on co-workers and suppliers as much as customers. Making sure you can trust your suppliers is tricky since they are not employed by you, but the following tips may help you find a good supplier.

Shrink the Scope

It would be nice to talk to every supplier possible, but you simply will not have the time. One of the most essential steps to find a reputable supplier is to focus your search so that you only talk to suppliers who will fill your needs. For example, those looking to sell specialized items may need to look for small suppliers or local ones. This way you can be sure that the supplier you end up with is both reputable but also right for your business.

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Deep Diving

You need to make sure that you go beyond the internet to find suppliers. Sure, large companies usually have a site that you can visit, but those looking for specialized suppliers will need to go back to the basics. You are going to have to rely on trade magazines and newsletters focused on the business you are attempting to run. Here, you should find suppliers that you can talk to so that you can learn about the type of business they run and if it is one that you can trust.

Strange Fees

Okay, most suppliers are going to charge you a packaging fee as well as other initial fees in the beginning. This is done to cover most of the expenses associated with shipping, which is acceptable. The problem is that some suppliers ask buyers to pay a monthly fee to do business with them. This is not ideal, and it may even signal that the supplier is not too reputable. Question those who charge this type of fee, and consider other suppliers you have not called yet.

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Word of Mouth

Talk to other business owners about the suppliers they use. Granted, this might not be an easy conversation, but try to stick to business owners who are only selling something similar to you but not the exact same thing. You want to learn about the suppliers they use and how they feel about their services. Be sure to share information that you learned so that this meeting does not feel one-sided.

Hopefully, some of these points make it easier to find a reputable supplier like Accurate Products Inc. Be sure to pay attention to this entire journey because you learn more as you go along.

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