Cool Companies: 4 Tips to Maintaining a Productive Business Atmosphere

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Written by Harshad Patankar

The atmosphere in your workplace plays a big part in how productive your staff is. Its common knowledge, and common sense, that happier, more engaged employees will exhibit better dedication and focus. Conversely, dissatisfied employees will lack initiative and energy. Here are four ways you can create and sustain a better working environment.

Open Communications

Communication, not formalized policies, should be the way provide information. Employees will be more productive if they have a clear sense of direction and purpose from management. They want feedback on how they are contributing to company progress, and to be recognized for their effort. It’s important that you express praise for those who exceed expectations. Managers should also be open to employee feedback. This can provide valuable insights and improve employee self-esteem. Either way, it builds better employer-employee relationships.

Be Flexible

Every workplace needs certain policies to function consistently and efficiently, but often de-stressing is important to productivity. For everyone from the CEO to the janitor, a work-life balance is essential to job satisfaction. Be accommodating to employees who need to take the afternoon off to see the dentist or attend a child’s graduation if they can make up for it later. Those who work solely via computer might be allowed one day a week where they can login to your network and work comfortably from home.

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Let Nature In

Sterile, generic environments only contribute to anxiety. Give workers some relief by providing plenty of sunshine to brighten moods as well as space. Larger windows that are insulated and tinted to reduce glare will let in more natural light, reduce your electric bills, and improve morale. Allowing potted plants around the office will also increase this sense of natural elements and improve air quality. If possible, provide some inviting greenery, fountains, or ponds on the property that employees can visit at lunchtime to unwind.

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Controlled Temperature

Nothing is more distracting than to spend the day where the temperature is either much too cold or uncomfortably warm. Employee morale will quickly deteriorate if they have to deal with these conditions on top of their other responsibilities. Individuals will vary in their temperature needs, but office climate requirements are generally 70 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit depending on physical activity.

Work with a company like All American Air & Electric, Inc. to keep the thermostats locked, or get a “smart” programmable system. This way employees always know how to dress for their own comfort when they come to work. Factors like collaboration and the proper tools are also important, but mental and physical comfort are basic needs. Employees that aren’t comfortable will never maintain the energy or attention span needed to stay productive.

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