How Biometrics are Making Life Easier

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Biometric technology is really on the rise in 2017. You’re probably most familiar with the biometric technologies used by smartphones for eye scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. However, there is a lot more to the technology, which is already making life easier.

Here are just a sample of the ways that biometric technology is now, and will in the future, continue to make all our lives easier.

Security Systems

Using biometric verification scanners to gain access to your home by presenting your fingerprint or having your face scanned is quite obviously a much simpler solution to ensure the security of your home or place of work. It’s certainly more reliable than keys, which are very easily lost. Right now, the technology is primarily being used to restrict access to office buildings, but it’s only a matter of time before fingerprint scanners are routinely installed outside our homes.


In 2013, the Brazilian bank Bradesco introduced palm scanning apparatus to more than 35,000 ATMs leading the way for other banks to follow suit and make transactions more secure for the customer. Once this technology is used more widely, we will all be safer from the threat of identity theft.

Identity Cards

Here in India, every citizen is issued with a biometric Aadhar card which makes it easier for them to obtain a passport, apply for bank accounts and even get their pension. Some people think this is a bad idea because a card can be so easily lost, but it’s easy to download an Aadhar card duplicate online quickly.It’s also not too difficult to inform the relevant parties that your card could have been stolen. Admittedly, this card scheme has not been without its issues, but once the kinks have been ironed out, there is no doubt it will make managing the essentials of life easier, and I have no doubt more and more countries will adopt similar schemes.


In the United Kingdom, a few pioneering schools have started using biometric technology, which scans student’s’ fingerprints, to make checking books out of the library and paying for lunch a lot simpler, not to mention faster.Paying for lunch with your fingerprint scan also makes it impossible for bullies to steal the lunch money of other classmates.

In the future, this technology may also be used to ensure that the people taking exams are really who they say they are, ensuring that there is no abuse of the educational system.

Security of Data

As I mentioned earlier, fingerprint scanners are pretty commonly used in smartphones, and more and more laptops and tablets are using biometric technology too. As a result, some companies have started offering two step authentication methods that include fingerprint or retina scans and this is only going to get more popular as time goes on and the technology is refined.

As you can see, there are so many ways that biometrics is making our lives easier right now that, as soon as the technology becomes affordable, it will undoubtedly revolutionise our lives, making them easier than we ever imagined possible.

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