7 Ways to Improve your Community Culture

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Happy employees mean happy businesses. Keeping staff happy often is the secret ingredient to success in business. But managing to keep your team happy and productive in their jobs is not always easy.
So today we want to talk you through the top seven simple ways to create the best work environment to keep your employees satisfied, motivated and feeling supported.

Invest in the Working Space

Putting in a little bit of TLC into your working space, goes a long way. Ensuring your office is an attractive, well-lit and comfortable place for your employees is a great place to start when working towards an improved working culture for your team. Office decorations or redecorations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and there are hundred of weird and wonderful ideas out there to help you create an office you and your employees can be proud of.

Reward Strategies

Rewarding hard work and dedication from your staff will ensure your staff feel valued and motivated in their day to day jobs. This can be as simple as a small weekly prize give away for the person with the highest sales, or the individual with the most creative idea of the week.

Encouraging peer-to-peer recognition is also one of the most effective ways to keep your staff connected so try to find unique ways to bring your staff closer together, working as a team and encouraging each other with their successes.

Building Co-Working Relationships

If your workforce are connected and comfortable with each other, productivity will be healthy and the environment of your company will be relaxed and enjoyable. There are simple little tweaks and ideas here and there that you can try in order to bring your staff together in a connected team culture. Offering a free breakfast scheme on fridays, for example, will open up an opportunity for staff to spend regular time together in a social capacity.

Think about the layout of your office. Is it conducive to effective communication between colleagues? If not, try and open out spaces and create a positive office layout that is conducive to effective communication and stronger connectivity.

Ensure your Staff Feel Looked After

Staff feeling looked after and well protected within their jobs is enormously important when wanting to create a harmonious and relaxed workforce. Checking in with your staff on a regular basis makes them feel supported and valued.

Staff also need to feel that their general health and well being are a priority for their employer. If you’re not sure of the best ways to go about this think about hiring and health and safety specialist like Ellis Whittam to talk you through the most effective way to achieve this.

Stop Looking Over Their Shoulder

Providing autonomy and freedom for your staff is one of the best ways you can keep them motivated and focused. Micromanaging employees is an instant morale booster and is a sure fire way to bring down the overall atmosphere in the office. Constantly checking up on staff will open up an atmosphere of distrust and hierarchy, so instead think about ways you can encourage individual autonomy and creative freedom in your company as a way to keep your staff motivated and productive.

Consider Flexibility

Flexible working packages are becoming more and more popular these days, and are a brilliant way for your staff to feel that they have more control over their day to day lives. Being able to offer extended lunch breaks, later starts in the morning, or earlier clock off times on Fridays are considered a valuable company perk. So look into how other companies are successfully offering flexible contract packages and see what might work in your company.

Instill Passion

Passion and enthusiasm is contagious so consider ways you can impart your passion for your company through to your staff. Finding a way to inject a little zest into the way your staff feel about your company will spill out into the way they talk about the business to their clients.

Similarly, finding ways to make your employees feel enthusiastic and excited about their individual role is a key way to building a dynamic work culture. Try and think of creative ways you can get your staff talking to each other about interesting projects they’re working on, or reaching out to each other to create solutions to complex issues that crop up.

Working together as a harmonious and happy team is the best office environment of all. So you should never tire of thinking up creative and interesting ways that you can bring your staff together to create an energetic, interesting and lively work space.

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

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