Why Having a Ph.D Degree Becoming a Trend in 2017?

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Knowledge is the foundation stone upon which our civilization is built. While knowledge can be found in any corners of life, professional/formal education is what distinguishes us from everyone else. And among the numerous courses out there, a doctorate is the pinnacle of it; the zenith of formal education.

But is Ph.D. as cool as it sounds? Most people have to spend the best part of their youth in achieving their doctorates and that too after grueling work upon making a quality thesis. The common belief dictates that doctorates are good only when you want to be a professor or a scientist. So, what exactly is the benefit in going through so much of pain?

To begin with, doctorates are applicable in a huge number of avenues in the real world. True, it is most useful when you want to go into research fields, but this is the actual demand today. Here are the reasons why having a Ph.D. becoming a trend in 2017:

1) The rise of product-based industries

Technology has never been like it is today, for one simple reason: the desire to keep getting better. The huge demand of innovation requires expertise and intellect capable enough to develop something never seen before. For this reason, the demand of Ph.D. is high, because all the top-notch companies are aiming to grab the creamy-layer, the top 1% of the education spectrum, to be their developers. Since developing something new always requires the kind of expertise common in doctorates, having a is a great way to make it to the top.

2) The desire to leave a mark

Somewhat related to application to the previous point, the intention differs a lot. Maybe you do not desire to be hired by the best companies, but simply want to make a difference in the world. Well, a lot of people want to make a difference in the world, but only a few are capable of doing so. Having a Ph.D. enables you to do exactly that. From solving the water crisis to developing alternate sources of energy and sop for Ph.D in biotechnology, the ways to make a difference in the world are huge; but all of them require a common thing- the knowledge to do so.

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3) The thirst for knowledge.

Economic and social reasons aside, some people simply like what they do. They want to delve into the depths of the field, not for some benefits, but simply out of curiosity. They want to check the threshold of their respective field, and what better way could be than writing a thesis about this? This is perhaps not a new trend and has been in the picture for decades now. But the respect that pioneers are getting today has contributed a lot towards the growing interest in opting for Ph.D. for purely academic reasons. Accounting statement of purpose of your thesis among peers is a great way to distinct yourself from the crowd.

4) Career advancements

Needless to say, Ph.D. does help a lot in advancing your career. The reasoning may look trivial but practical enough: Not everyone is capable of knowing your inner potential; they only know what is there on your CV. Thus, many people opt for Ph.D. in order to make an impressive CV. That said, it does not mean that a doctorate is achieved just for showing off to your future employers. Getting a Ph.D. is really tough, requiring exhaustive research and knowledge. Thus, having a doctorate automatically sends the message that you are a knowledgeable, not to mention, determined person. This impression is what helps a lot of people in getting better job opportunities. Everything apart, the thesis you wrote and its statement of purpose help the potential employers to know what they are looking for.

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5) Getting better at your job

Lastly, another reason why people are opting for Ph.D. is the desire to be better at what they do. I know a lot of computer engineers who were stuck at the same position for years without progress, simply because they lacked the skills for growing. One of them decided to obtain a Ph.D. in Computer Science in his field of Artificial Intelligence. It took him 3 years, but he emerged as a much more knowledgeable and confident person. This is the case with numerous other people, who are opting for Ph.D. simply to know more about their field of work and to get better at it. And fortunately enough, there are enough success stories to support this claim.


Getting a Ph.D. is no easy task, especially since at that age your first instinct is to enjoy life. As a suggestion, I could only ask you to count your options carefully. Becoming a doctor is not a piece of cake; but in the end, it sure tastes as good.

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