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With The Latest Tweak Facebook Upgrade Itself To Show More Authentic & Timely Content In News Feed

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Facebook is the application with its single page dominating the social media market viz. ‘Facebook Wall‘. After enhancing the security layer recently now Facebook has made some tweaks in how it presents news feeds. As Facebook is updating its news feed to better rank posts by adding new signals to rank content and a new way to predict and rank real-time posts, the company said in a blog post.

About Facebook Algorithm to Better Rank Posts and Real time signals

Continuously working on the algorithm to provide best experience to user Facebook has also tried the artificial intelligence with working on the ‘Deep Text‘ which will understand what users are posting on Facebook. Now to better rank the post it has changed the whole algorithm to show the post and it also mentioned that the new changes might cause some pages to gain or lose viewership, but adds that the changes will be minor.

The new update will add ‘universal signals’ to determine if a post is authentic by categorizing pages based on

  • If they spam or not ?
  • If it is trying to game the news feed like asking for likes, comments or shares, etc
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It will then use these sample posts to ‘train’ the newsfeed to identify if other posts from other pages are likely to be authentic. Additionally, if a Page’s posts are being hidden by people it’s displayed to, then the company might mark the post as unauthentic, with more authentic posts showing up higher in a user’s news feed.

With this update Facebook post will get preference if it has some real time activities which may include like, comment etc. Real-time signals determine the relevance of the post and shows to the user. Facebook has updated this algorithm as well

For example, if a cricket team just won a game, it might show up on the feed because people (including friends) are talking about it on Facebook.

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Addressing the Fake News on Social Media

As number of users are increasing day by day with various initiatives as offering Free Wifi, provisions for rural areas ,Users are also using the Facebook to spread the some fake news over the social media. These news may influence some users and act based on the wrong news. Facebook will helping address this fake news issue with this update.

The first initiative will help curb posts from pages that consistently spew fake news since these posts are more likely to be hidden by users from view, while the second will help rank more relevant real-time stories up.

Note that, last month Facebook had also rolled out fake news filters in partnership with independent fact-checking organizations, also it has changed the algorithm for ‘Trending news’ with unbiased nature, and ‘mid-roll’ ads which will be delivered to user based on the engagement in the video.

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