All Aadhaar Will Be Linked To Mobile Numbers; SC Asks Centre Within One Year

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Now government has taken a another step towards making nation digital, last year after proposing a linking of Aadhaar with Ration cards now the Supreme Court has ordered the central government to link Aadhaar card details with a subscriber’s mobile number within a year, reports TOI. The court also asked the Centre to formulate a method to register every Indian mobile subscriber’s SIM card with their Aadhaar card.

Proposed way of linking Aadhaar with mobile

The apex court said that there are over 100 crore mobile subscribers while making it mandatory for all mobile subscribers, including those having pre-paid SIM cards, to have their phone number linked to Aadhaar without fail within one year.

According to the report, the court suggested that every time a subscriber makes a recharge, they could be redirected to “fill and deposit” a form to verify his/her identity.

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How you can update mobile number with Aadhaar

Increase in Aadhaar saturation and Universal Payment ID

Making Aadhaar mandatory for acquiring a mobile service could have repercussions, and it is not clear how the Centre plans on a massive exercise to start linking some 1 billion SIM Cards with Aadhaar to prove identity.

Last month government announced its program to link Aadhaar to BHIM App  and creating it as universal payment ID. This also help to make Aadhaar Pay a grand success.

Ease of verification with eKYC

Currently, several telcos are providing Aadhaar-based eKYC for SIM cards after TRAI approved the feature in August last year. Telcos verify a person’s identity by scanning their fingerprint using a scanner machine, which communicates with the UIDAI server for authentication. In a similar way, the Aadhaar AUTH API can be used by any private or public company to communicate with the UIDAI servers for user authentication.

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Secondly, if the Centre accepts the Supreme Court’s order, then a new customer will have to enroll for an Aadhaar in case they do not own one. Similarly, all existing subscribers will have to enroll for an Aadhaar in case they do not own one. But the exercise involving verifying millions of subscribers could have disadvantages


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