Mumbai gets 500 new WiFi hotspots, 700 more hotspots to be added by May

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Now Maharasthra government has entered into installation of Wifi hotspots and around 500 WiFi hotspots went live across several locations in Mumbai city on Monday, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced on Twitter. The state will install a total of 1,200 WiFi hotspots by May 1st, Fadnavis added. The state-sponsored WiFi project was initially being tested between Jan 2nd to Jan 8th; around 23000 users across Mumbai city signed up consuming more than 2 TB of data during the trial period.

Is this a Free for users?

Although currently user can use this facility for free of charge but WiFi usage will be free for all users until the end of January.

The charges may vary from Rs 28 to Rs 30 per 100 MB with speed up to 20 mbps, post this period. The state plans to install hot spots in schools, colleges and hospitals under the second Phase of the project, added the report. A list of the existing 500 locations can be found here. Users can send their feedback and complaint to @AS_Mum_WiFi twitter handle.

The only roadblock is that most users are not aware about the exact hotspot locations. Several Mumbaikars took to Twitter inquiring the location details of the newly installed hotspots.

Locations of the Wifi

The list is made available on the govt website in pdf format , but when we tried to open the url the pdf failed to load, probably due to a large number of users trying to view the file. A mobile app with the map/list of hotspots along with a built-in registration module would be a possible fix.

Other state-sponsored WiFi projects


Although this is not a first initiative of the offering Wifi hotspots as we have already seen the initiative taken by the KSRTC where in it provided free wifi at bus stands. Google in #GoogleForIndia where it covered railway stations with its free wifi.

The social media giant Facebook also entered into the partnership with the BSNL to provide free wifi in Rural India, also with inspiration from Google to provide wifi facility at railway station and nearby area.

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