Why Your Exam Never Works Out The Way You Plan

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Written by Harshad Patankar

We all have gone through the phase where we have been examined for our skills, this may during adolescence or during the job time. Sometimes we really work hard but still failed to attain the desired results.

Student may leads to  thoughts like being successful looks is near impossible because

  • Sometimes working really hard too fails to pay
  • Sometime the result reaped is not really proportional to the effort sowed

We’ve listed some of the reasons that sometimes even the most sincere efforts result in disappointment in student life

  • Low self confidence

Self confidence is an important to achieve success in your life. One can do all the preparations and turn through every page in every book but without confidence it counted for nothing. Confidence building is very important to give a student the belief that he can get through any exam in his life. It might be fear of the subject or just lack of faith in their own abilities; but it does affect the outcome of exams in spite of the best of preparations.

  • Studying Techniques

Sometimes the technique of studying might directly result in unfavorable scores. But it can be in favor if you planned accordingly. Planning involves understanding in and out of your entrance exam and every details such as exam pattern, application process, result analysis, previous cut offs for which you are preparing to appear. This information can be gathered through some of the good websites for your entrance exam that you may need before appearing.

  • Bad writing and presentation skills

We all would have come across friends or acquaintances who were not only intelligent but hardworking too, but due to their bad handwriting or presentation skills they failed in securing good grades. If you are planning for the tests and assessments comprise of written assessment where every question needs to answered carefully and concisely,  then what you puts in the answer papers is very important for translating hard work into equally deserving marks. So to perform better in your next exam you need to present yourself very clear and to the point.

  • Wrong Choice of Course

If you are forced into a particular discipline by some external pressures like parents wish or due to peer pressure. Whatever might be the reason, a student who does not have the aptitude for science cannot really do well in it no matter what lengths she travels. So to outperform you need to choose your course carefully as it is very essential in ensuring that a student’s hard work is rewarded and you excel in exam.

  • Improper revision techniques

You should never study something for the first time just before exams as there might be too much to retain in too less time. You should have touched the topic before exam and revision of it before exams is very important. But it is also essential to have a proper revision strategy which will manage to go through the whole syllabi the night before exam. An effective revision technique will result in good result in your next exam.

So start working on the above points for your next exam and I’m sure that you will outperform in exam you are appearing for !

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