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Education tech start-ups are blossoming across cities in India and giving distance education a facelift. Collaborating with established and acclaimed academic institutions, these companies are delivering high level and quality educational programs like MBAs through multiple methods that are integrated into one platform. Many of India’s acclaimed varsities like the Pondicherry University have dedicated distance education programs in collaboration with such third parties.

The focus of distance education providers is to recreate a campus-style interactive environment, complete with mentorship and support mechanisms.


MBAs are a much sought after qualification for many good reasons. Delving into important disciplines of business, an MBA course arms you with the know-how and expertise to handle multiple scenarios from finance to human resources. International business and marketing are just some of the specific MBA courses that students can enrol for amidst a plethora of choices. An MBA degree from a recognized institution is an indicator of high proficiency in business administration and goes a long way to help you secure a dream job. Equipped with an MBA degree, you can apply for bigger roles in companies and enjoy higher compensation.

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Features of Modern Distance Education

Modern quality distance education programs provide immersive content and courseware for students. Case studies and recorded video lessons from industry experts and celebrated faculty are just some of the many components of new age courseware. Virtual classrooms give students flexibility of attending from any physical location. Learning apps now enable students to access lessons and learning material from their smart phones. Downloadable lessons are useful for those who plan offline learning and e-libraries are an essential part of any good distance learning set up.

Students who sign up for a distance program like an MBA also enjoy access to a larger community of like-minded individuals pursuing the same or similar courses. This community also comes with its informal collection of resources and invaluable knowledge, thereby giving members insights from different perspectives. Networking is crucial when it comes to business studies, and distance education providers provide mentorship and networking platforms for MBA students. Support services are another crucial aspect of distance education. These services keep students engaged and updated about their courses.

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Integration and Inclusion

Distance MBA courses are part of an initiative from educational institutions, government agencies and third party education tech providers to provide inclusive quality education that is integrated into the academic landscape just like regular courses on a campus. Trained under skilled faculty and with a degree from recognized institutions, distance education is now a very viable option for thousands of aspirants. Discover your opportunities now.

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