5 New Age Career Options

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Written by Harshad Patankar

The world has seen a massive shift in the employment sector in the last 10 years. Professionals have started opting for jobs as data analysts, growth hackers, and social media influencers. People are looking beyond MBA in HR, MBA in Finance,and MBA in Marketing from MBA colleges and universities.

The increase in the use of internet and the rise of social media has changed the entire workplace. The corporate jungle has turned into a virtual workplace, something those in the 1990s could not have imagined.

Today there are several career options available for those who wish to go beyond the conventional path. Let’s take a look at some new age jobs your career counselor may not have told you about –

  1. App Developer

Things have changed drastically since the launch of iOS in 2007. More than a million apps have been developed since then. Apple iStore and Android’s Google Play have seen a whole bunch of apps making their way to the platforms for business or personal use. It’s safe to say that App Development is a sought-after job in these times.

  1. Social Influencer
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With the advent of social media, being an “influencer” online has grown in popularity. While people are still trying to understand the business of blogging and influencer management, brands are tying up with social media influencers to leverage their name and sales.

  1. Digital Manager

The rise of social media has brought about a massive shift in the way businesses function today. From on ground marketing activities, brands have shifted their focus to the internet, aiming to establish a large digital presence. Social media managers and digital media managers are needed to control, execute and strategize the volume of work.

  1. Data Miner
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Businesses realized the importance of customers and began collecting and organizing their data. Hiring experts were the way to go, and the market saw a boom in the number of data miners. These data miners help retailers and businesses predict future trends and also help personalize advertising.

  1. Education Consultant

Parents have started putting in extra effort to make sure their kids receive the best education. There are many parents who even pay thousands to consultants who offer personalized services for assessment and admissions.

Looking at the evolution of the job market over the last decade, it is safe to say that the internet has played a major role in it. The market will keep evolving. With so many specialized degrees being added to it, it won’t be long before other new job titles are added to this rapidly growing list.

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