PGDM Students Choose IILM for Many Reasons

Written by Harshad Patankar

Over the years, education sector in India has witnessed a paradigm shift both in terms of quality education and availability of courses. Earlier students willing to take up management as their career arena used to find themselves with no better option than MBA. However with introduction of Post Graduate Diploma in Management, popularly known as PGDM, students have got another good option to choose from. PGDM programs are run and structured with industry interface in mind, making it one of the integral reasons for aspirants to choose this beneficial course. It helps bridging the gap between academia and industry by allowing students to choose from wide options of electives as majors and gain hands on knowledge in the area of interest.

While there are several autonomous bodies that offer this course, one of the best PGDM College in Delhi NCR that offers executive PGDM is IILM. Established in the year 1993, the college offers AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management at three prime locations in Delhi NCR. Students from all over the place choose this top tier college as its curriculum defies the cliché of finance, marketing, OB-HR and operations, and sets a benchmark by offering Field Courses (as at Harvard), Community Experience (as at Yale University) and Career Trek (as at Wharton). Till date, the university has been able to successfully place over 9000 alumni in upstream corporate companies both in India and abroad.

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With a PG Diploma in Management pursued from an institution that enjoys strong reputation, one can ace their career to new heights. Few benefits of this ‘in-demand’ course are:-

  • Professional Skills – The ever advancing and evolving corporate scenario demands a professional, an all-rounder who does not only hold the required knowledge for core field, but is also endowed with skills to tackle challenges at workplace. A PGDM course is replete with subjects required for the development of such skills and mannerisms that further helps in preparing candidates in becoming successful in life. This is also one of the reasons why this course is regarded as a bridge between academics and industry.
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  • Better and Higher Salaries – Average salary of a PGDM holder is more than that of a graduate. Since most of the IT companies and other organizations seek qualified and trained B-school graduates, PGDM students grab roles of managers, consultants and team leads that are paid well.


  • Consolidated Networking Opportunities –A management student is expected to have knack for business tactics, thorough knowledge ofmoderncorporate scenario, analytical skills and most importantly, solid networking aptitude. The PGDM curriculum helps one in developing good business network through internships, summer projects, alumni, conferences etc. It also helps in making a mark as an entrepreneur.

Keeping the above aspects in mind, the program structure at IILM is divided in 6 terms, dedicating 3 calendar months to each. In the first year, students assimilate nuggets of management and its foundation concepts with the help of subjects like Orientation toManagement, Organisational Perspective and Integrated Management Perspective. In the second year, IILM offers over 80 courses as electives that act as the area for specialisation. Apart from focusing on the theoretical subjects, the college lays more emphasis on practical knowledge and trainingby pushing students to take up summer internships and projects. This provides them experience andteaches them to tackle real management and corporate challenges once they get into work world. The university has got over 100 highly experienced faculty members from notable academic institutes and visiting faculty from Stern, Kellogg and Wharton.

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Apart from offering quality education, another factor that makes IILM one of the most preferred colleges is its location. Delhi has always enjoyed the status of being the most preferred place for pursuing higher education. Set in the heart of India’s political and industrial hub, aspirants in Delhi get umpteen opportunities to visit conferences, events, lectures and fairs organised by government and private sector companies. With multiple MNCs, Global2000s and Fortune500 companies existing in Delhi and National Capital Region, students do not need to rush back and forth from one city to another in search of industrial training, internships and jobs. Apart from the work culture, the city is a mix of traditions and people from all walks of life, together. There are tons of things to do in and around the city, and it houses some great libraries for students who want to gain knowledge outside curriculum as well.

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