Comparison of Plesk 12.5 vs Plesk Onyx – new features in Plesk Onyx

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Plesk Onyx – An introduction

In this new era of technology in which everything is evolving rapidly, you need a flexible, extensible and modular platform to achieve a remarkable growth in your business. And Plesk is the leading management tool for managing server, websites, hosting account, web apps and more. Now Plesk has introduced Plesk Onyx, a newer version of Plesk – the leading WebOps platform you need to automate, run and grow applications or websites efficiently. With it, you will be able to set up e-mail accounts, reseller accounts, and DNS entries through a single web-based interface.  It also allows you to deploy the specific services you want, quickly.

It especially fulfills the needs of each and every web professional and developer by providing them with Docker support, System Update tools, SSL Improvements, Git Deploy, Linux Cgroups limits, DNSSec Support, Plesk Extensions SDK, Ruby Support, Python Support, and many more features.

Simply stated, it simplifies the lives of web professionals and developers by providing them multiple server support to form a distributed environment. This offers more strength, more power, redundancy, and scalability.

What are the differences between Plesk Onyx and Plesk 12.5?

To have a clear understanding of what’s new in Plesk Onyx, let’s discuss the features of both. Plesk 12.5 had some features which have been dropped from Onyx. With Plesk 12.5 you got:

  • NET 1.1 support
  • Support for Windows 2008, but not R2, was available
  • Miva support
  • Support for IE 9 and 10
  • The support for SmarterMail 6.x to 9.x
  • The support for Perl-Apache-ASP (Linux) and for RHEL5/Cent0S 5/ CloudLinux 5
  • CBM in Plesk distribution
  • SSL support on Windows


Some features of Plesk 12.5:

Plesk 12.5 is available in four ways:

  • Plesk Web Admin Edition: Useful for those who are dealing with simple websites and their domain management. This edition best suits those managing sites for an employer, companies or for themselves. It comes with Plesk mobile manager for iPhone and Android devices.


  • Plesk Web App Edition: This edition is for web application developers who create and install web apps. With this edition, you are not able to manage your reseller or subscription account.


  • Plesk Web Pro Edition: It is mainly for web professionals who are designing, developing and deploying their sites. Outbound antispam and e-mail are available as add on features.


  • Plesk Web Host Edition: This edition is for traditional service providers who provide the ability to their customers to configure their shared accounts as per their needs. It mainly fulfills the need of simple WordPress management tool to support the shared environment.


What are the new features in Plesk Onyx?

  1. Git Support:
    It is an open source control panel that is designed to handle every software development with much ease, speed and efficiency. And now its integration is available with Plesk Onyx. You can manage its repositories and easily deploy your application. To work with Git, you need its ext. that should be installed in Plesk and a domain having the service plan that grants the Git management permission.
           You can add Git repositories as per your needs:
  • By using local repository in which you send the changes made to Plesk and then it deploys the changes you made, automatically to your application.
  • By using remote Git repository in which you are able to deploy the changes to your website via Plesk you made in a remote repository like GitHub or BitBucket.
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Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

2. Docker support: Docker with Plesk Onyx enables you to run your distributed applications in containers by using specific software like Redis, MongoDB, Memcached or any software that may be not supported by your OS. You can deploy and manage those containers straight from the Plesk interface. You can build or upload your own image and can install the containers locally or to a remote node registered in Plesk.

3.Update tools: You can do all the update settings from a single place. You are able to block or update any particular package of the service in the panel. You can even set automatic updates of system packages and panel.

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

4. Improved SSL: With Plesk Onyx, you can manage each mail service – SMTPs, POP3s, and IMAPs with improved SSL/TLS certificates. Also, you get the “Let’s Encrypt” – SSL certificate for Plesk panel and for the domains created. You can also enable redirection from HTTP to HTTPS now.

 5. DNSSec Support: As per wiki, Domain Name System Security Extensions(DNSSEC) is a suite of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) specifications for securing certain kinds of information provided by the Domain Name System (DNS) as used on Internet Protocol (IP) networks”. It provides origin authority, data integrity, and also the authenticated denial of existence in DNS. And with Plesk, server-wide management of DNSSec is possible. You can turn on/off for the whole server, manage key length, as well as get the automatic updates of parent domain zone on the same Plesk interface.

6.Ruby support: Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented, and general purpose programming language among web developers. And with Plesk Onyx, you get the Ruby language support as a Plesk extension. You can manage the applications easily with each and every domain. You can scan, detect the apps as well as deploy and restart the app from the panel itself.

7.Python support: With Python, you get Nginx + passenger support and can exchange information and instructions with the computer via CLI/API/UI.

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8. Integrated WordPress toolkit: You are able to manage a number of WordPress websites in a few minutes with Plesk Onyx. It contains the integrated WordPress toolkit through which you can do security scanning, hardening, and managing of the WordPress themes using plug-ins. You can focus more on your tasks as it is able to repair itself.

 9.Linux Cgroups limits:

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

10.Plesk Extensions SDK: With this, you are able to add limits and permissions to each service subscription, can add scheduled tasks (Linux cronjob or windows scheduler) and also you get the backward compatibility with the old extensions.

Benefits of using Plesk Onyx:

  1. For WordPress users: You can save your time by adding, installing, removing and updating all the themes and plugins through Plesk without login to each account. You can secure easily all your WordPress sites by simply checking the required item. Click “secure” and it’s done. Due to the integrated Plesk panel, most professionals go for WordPress web hosting as it automatically installs and manages all the installations from a single dashboard.


  1. For Cloud providers: Because of Plesk’s different interface templates and the advantage of scalability, the cloud providers are able to gain more revenue and end users get increased flexibility and ease of account management. It doesn’t require any learning curve, you can easily integrate into your internal processes and save cost. With the help of ever growing ecosystem of third parties integrated with Plesk, you are able to improve the up and cross selling of your products/services.


How to get Plesk Onyx?

ZNetLive provides the state-of-the-art solutions and a wide range of cloud and hosting services with latest technologies like Plesk Onyx. So you get the best services on latest technologies.


Check out the plans below:

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

Indian Business Blog featuring on Business, Technology and Education

Web Pro edition is best fit for web professionals or digital agencies who are mainly managing and hosting their customer websites. Using developer pack and WordPress toolkit, you can manage 30 different Domains, with subscription and account management capability.

Web Host edition is best for providers who host and resell unmanaged shared accounts. With all the plans of Web Pro Edition, you get the unlimited domains and reseller management ability.

Thus, by choosing any of the above plans and Plesk Onyx powered services, you can easily manage, secure and grow your business with ZNetlive efficiently.


If you have any confusion regarding Plesk Onyx, you can ask through the below comment section. I will be happy to clear all.


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