IITs Plan for One Lakh Students Admission by Year 2020

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Come 2020, the apex institutes – IIT, may admit up to one lakh students. The IIT council will hold a meeting on 23rd August. They will consider the proposal allowing 30, 000 additional non-resident students to avail education in the apex institutes of India.

For the time being, students have to stay in the IIT hostels. According to a senior official, “For undergraduate, post graduate to doctoral courses, IITs admit up to 72, 000 students”. He further added that it is mandatory for these students to stay inside the hostel. Especially, the agenda of the meeting will be to admit students who do not want to avail the hostel accommodation.

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The admission will also have impact with newly formed IIT Jammu. and also the decision to hold entrance in 8 countries unlike past practice.

IIT Admission Target

According to an official, IITs are aiming at increasing the number of students by 10, 000 every year. With this, they can reach the one lakh mark by 2020. IITs are considering the option of admitting non-residential students. This is because building hostel accommodation for 30, 000 more students would require more time.

A senior official said, “The increase will be without compromising on teaching process”. He further added that the number of students added every year would depend on whether sufficient teaching facilities are available.

The agenda of the meeting would also include discussion about the ‘Vishwajeet’ project. The project aims at providing assistance to top 7 IITs so that their international rankings improve.

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