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Facebook will start bypassing adblockers on desktop browsers

Written by Harshad Patankar

Nothing is Free ! And it even applies to the popular social networking giant Facebook. As the major income comes from the Advertisement it serves. To get the more impressions of the advertisement Facebook is bypassing ad blockers on its desktop site, announced on the official blog.

Facebook, Ad-blocker and Targeted Advertisements

Relevant Ads Can Be “Useful

Says Facebook ! as they provide choice to give choices of which Ads can be seen by the user. Facebook says that user can provide its preference by easier ways and decide what types of ads they want to see if they selected as choice as “none.”

Recently Facebook has created a action based ad bidding platform for advertisers by which they can even publish action specific advertisement.

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Andrew Bosworth, Facebook vice president (Ads & Business Platform), pointed out in a blog post that Facebook is a free service that’s only able to operate because it makes money from advertising.

In the most recent quarter , Facebook made $6.24 billion in advertising revenue, an increase of 63% from a year earlier. Mobile advertising (which is not affected by the changes) accounted for 84% of this. The social giant also making some of the entry into different sector and earlier launched ecommerce initiative for the smaller sellers.

How Facebook Ad-blocker Works and changes

Ad-blockers filter ads from the popular ad networks thus it refuses to display page images and other elements that originated with a known ad server.

With the new changes which has been overcome by Facebook  and it has found a way around this, Beginning this Tuesday, it will make it difficult for these ad blockers to distinguish advertisements from other material published on Facebook, such as photos or status updates.

“We also heard that people want to be able to stop seeing ads from businesses or organizations who have added them to their customer lists, and so we are adding tools that allow people to do this,” Bosworth wrote.

Above changes will not affect the most revenue generating tool viz. Mobile Facebook app. As with most new Facebook features, the changes are being rolled out to users over time, so some people might see it before others.

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