How You Can Manage Surveillance Systems For your Business Efficiently

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The Businesses are now expanding its reach and more and more square foots are added to showcase one’s products. This is reason why business are in need of surveillance systems by which they can monitor the activities in various sections of their areas and this is where the modern gadgets like CCTV cameras with DVR can help your business get monitor. Other benefit of using these devices comes out to be good weapon against crime as its very presence is a deterrent to people who are looking for an opportunity to do any mischief or looking for an opportunity with a criminal motive. The third reason can be a great tool to ease your workload, and help your business to function efficiently.

Widespread Use CCTV In Business

There are many benefits which proved to be useful and beneficial and become the reason to widespread use of this technology to monitor business viz.

  • Safer and protection of your business
  • Reduced retail theft
  • Increased detection
  • Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reduced fear of crime
  • Receive warnings in advance
  • Increased professionalism
  • Staff protection

The footage can be used as a proof in court and this is the reason why we see use of CCTV in various premises of shops, homes, office, schools and public areas.

Challenges of CCTV/DVR

We all know that every positive thing comes with some of the negative side and all digital storage system comes with the chance of failure and hence loss of data available in the devices. And here is the reason, I have seen businesses getting disturbed whenever their CCTV devices are exposed to certain accidents and have a myth that one can’t able to recover those CCTV videos once lost. So for all of them, I would like to disclose that you can certainly recover your data from your CCTV DVR if your device falls under any of these circumstances:

  • Damaged hard drive
  • Damaged videos due to lightning.
  • When video is accidentally deleted from CCTV DVR.
  • Data loss due formatting
  • Malicious code.
  • Unknown video format
  • Mechanical issues leading to unusual noises of clicking and ticking
  • Overheating of processing chips that can damage CCTV DVR system
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Overcoming The Failure of CCTV Device

When there is failure in the The CCTV Device your business may face difficulties in regular operations and hence loss of the time and money, this situation can be overcome either by

  • Prevention Methodology
  • CCTV DVR Data Recovery Services

Below are some of the actions which will help you to prevent your device from being failed.

Prevention Methods


  • Stop using the CCTV DVR device after you encounter any issue with it.
  • Go for a reliable and trusted software in case of simple damage.
  • Consult only reliable DVR recovery service provider in case of physical damage.


  • Do not try to format the CCTV hard drive.
  • Do not delete any footage file or overwrite the hard drive
  • Never attempt to repair the device on your own without consulting professional.

CCTV DVR Data Recovery Solutions

If you end up in a situation even after following the prevention methods, you can go for the DVR hard disk recovery. As DVR hard disk recovery is not like the conventional one hence it is not at all an easy job this is the reason you can end up in the situation of loosing all of  the recorded data forever in case of any wrong action is taken for recovering the device.Therefore we highly recommend you to dedicate this task to some of the experts in this field.

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There are many service provider available but we found “Stellar Data Recovery” to be just right for the job for many reasons viz.

  • More than two decades experience
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Easily find offices in your nearest cities
  • It is a 2015 CIO Choice award winning company for offering best data recovery solutions.
  • Stellar Data Recovery has successfully managed to keep the success rate of 95% and data recovery up to 100% (35,000+ hard disk recoveries per year).

with the above qualities we can expect the great quality and better time bound CCTV Footage Video recovery service.

Features of Service

Following video shows precautions taken by company to recover your data safely

They recover almost all formats of image and video files that DVR’s record and play. More than 2 million Customers have trusted on Stellar Data Recovery as recovery process is worked out in CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs with proprietary data recovery service techniques which is performed by Skilled data recovery experts. To develop a data recovery process company has In-house Research & Development team.

For more information on Stellar’s Services and products, do visit their website. You can also visit Stellar Data Recovery at their Pune Branch.

BumbleBee Hub’s Take

CCTV for your business can be a essential part to increase your productivity, but when you’ll end up in critical situation and recovery of CCTV DVR footage is necessary even after taking preventive tips, it is possible and businesses must not be panic. Businesses must take professional and reliable assistance of a creditable and trusted data recovery service provider.

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