Pokemon Go Enters Japan While India is Still Waiting

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Written by Harshad Patankar

Life has taken a full circle. Pokemon is finally back at the place where it originated. Japan got Pokemon Go and India is waiting for the game.

Pokemon Go which doubles the valuation of the company in just few weeks is all set to make a smashing debut in Japan. Ironically, the Pokemon franchise was born in Japan about two decades ago. Today, Pokemon Go, which has taken the gaming world by storm, entered Japan. Now, it is officially available for Android and Apple users in Japan. The Smartphone app has already made its presence felt in the US, Australia and some parts of Europe.

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Fun game with virtual monsters on streets

The wait has been rather aching for the Japanese gamers. While 35 other countries got on with the virtual playground game, they had to anxiously wait for it. Japan is the second-most lucrative market for Smartphone apps. However, this was of no avail when it came to the introduction of Pokemon Go in the country. The fun game involves looking for virtual monsters on streets, parks and playgrounds.

The waiting users, however, have not been completely disappointed. In order to keep their interest alive, they received messages of support and songs composed by one of Pokemon’s composers. The game’s release in the country comes just when the summer school holidays in Japan are around the corner.

Hideki Yasuda said, “Everyone had been waiting for this”.

He further added, “There is no doubt it will be popular in Japan as well”. Yasuda is an analyst at Ace Research Institute.

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Niantic Inc. developed the popular game. Today, its market value is almost $ 38 billion, which is more than the likes of Tesla Motors Inc. The app released in the morning hours. Following this, people got a chance to try it out in the afternoon or lunch breaks.

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