Considering Working For Yourself? Read This First

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Written by Harshad Patankar

There are many benefits to working for yourself. You can organise your time, and arrange your working day. It means working is more flexible, and as long as you have your computer, you can get your work done. It can be hard to switch off when you work for yourself, which is certainly one of the downfalls. You have to remember that when you work for yourself, you are your own boss. So you need to be self-motivated and disciplined. Though you can set your own working day, your bad habits could be the downfall. If you are prone to procrastinating, then it will become a problem. So it is just something to think about. Being a self-starter is important when you are self-employed. There are a few other things that can be a hassle when you work for yourself too.


Think about doing your tax return, for example. You have to be accountable for all of that paperwork and finance details. When an employer does it for you, you can forget about how much time that it takes. One way to stay on top of that is by keeping regular records, so you don’t have to do it all at once. You could start by using a spreadsheet. Then you can easily start by building formula in Microsoft Excel to work out all of the finances for you. Then you can just input your earnings, and it will work it all out for you. If you plan and are organised, it doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to stay on top of.

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Indian Business Blog fearing on Business, Technology and Education

You might need to consider getting your business insured when you are self-employed. It does depend on the type of business you have, as to the type of insurance that you should get. Personal indemnity insurance is always a good idea. You want to be safe just incase you have clients that are unhappy with the work that you provide. So you will need to be more organised and have your insurance in order before you start to work for a client.


Working for yourself is a definite juggling act. You are the admin and secretary, as well as the buyer and CEO. It is important to know this from the start. As you go through your work, it is a good idea to recognise what you are good at and what you are worse at. Then you can work on your weaknesses. You might be super organised and have all of your documents in order. But if you are not good at following up with clients or being on time to meetings, then it won’t make things successful. Play to your strengths while you work on your weaknesses.


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As you work at home, it can be hard to know what free time is anymore. Every spare hour might be taken up with checking emails or writing up some work. So to avoid burnout, you need to be organised and motivated. You should be strict with yourself too. Make sure that you assign set times to do work. Give yourself breaks and even a day off if needed.


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