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Get Ready for Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Engine ‘DeepText’; Can Understand Text

Written by Harshad Patankar

The world is moving towards the Artificial Intelligence and hence the Social media giant Facebook announced in Official Blog Post that it is developing a new artificial intelligence system called ‘DeepText‘ that can analyse what people are writing about in posts with near-human accuracy across 20 languages.

Recently Facebook upgrades how it shows ‘Trending Topics’ Algorithm.

“If it can automatically pick out hate speech from status updates that merely contain controversial terms, it could prevent a human from ever suffering the harassment and having to report it manually,” technology website TechCrunch reported quoting Facebook on Thursday.

Facebook claims it can understand around 20 languages, this is second AI based product after Facebook already has similar for photos and it has reported more offensive photos than humans on its social network.

Understanding You Completely

Next time when you post in presence of DeepText then it would recognize you in every text that you enter.
Facebook has trained it such a way that it gets closer to how humans understand text, and it taught the computer to understand things like slang and word-sense disambiguation.

As an example, if someone says, ‘I like blackberry,’ does that mean the fruit or the device?”

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