Why Your Website Is Failing You And What To Do About It

Written by Harshad Patankar

Designing a professional website is something that is exceptionally hard to do. It’s both a mixture of science and of art. You have to have a beautiful logo, but you also need to employ sophisticated methods to attract new business.

So with that said, here are some reasons why your website is failing you and what you can do about it.

The Navigation Is Counterintuitive

When it comes to webdesign, nothing is more important than the ability of customers to navigate your site. A surefire way to get customers to leave your site soon after visiting is if they can’t find what they want.

Most websites use tried and tested organisational methods. There is a menu bar at the top of the site. And then, if necessary, there are sidebar navigation options too.

The most important information should be at the head of the page and the least important towards the bottom.

Information Is Too Dense

Some websites that don’t offer visitors breathing room can really put people off. The website is so densely packed with information that a customer feels lost.

Don’t be afraid to include patches of white space in your site design. These spaces are important for customers to be able to pause and take a moment to think about your content.

Having the right balance between blank space, text and images can improve your site’s appeal. More often than not, having less information is actually more efficient.

Not All Pages Are Navigable

Visitors will not always enter your website through the front door. They’ll often end up visiting pages via links from other sites. That means that when they arrive at your website, they’re often lost.

The way to solve this is to treat every page as a landing page. Having the key navigation features available on every page means that the rest of your site is easily accessed.

You’re Using Unprofessional Images

Visitors to your site can often tell when you’re using generic images. And it doesn’t reflect well on your company. Customers can often tell that a picture has been lifted from a generic photo bank.

They want to see what you’ve been doing in the field. And they want an accurate impression of what it is that your company has to offer.

That’s why a lot of businesses invest in professional photographers. For one, they produce unique images that are suitable for the firm. But they also create beautiful images that visitors will enjoy when they arrive at your site.

Your Colours Are Too Bold

Many websites have dark or detailed backgrounds. The intention is to make the site appear moody or unique.

But too often using a bright colour palette detracts from the site’s message.

The best sites are those that are going for a clean and user-friendly interface. This means using a natural palette that complements your business. And it means not going over the top in your use of colour.

Body text, for example, should always be black. Reserve colour titles and logos.

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