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Twitter Extends Its First View to India; Gives Opportunity To Own Most Valuable Ad Space on Twitter

Written by Harshad Patankar

Twitter which is a popular short messaging Social media networking platform said in its official blog post that it has extended the ‘First View‘ to Indian subcontinent. India is the one of the 22 countries where the feature is started by the Twitter Advertising team; which is also twitted from the official twitter handle of the advertising wing.

What is Twitter First View ?

Basically the ‘First View’ is the advertisement slot available on Twitter which is displayed to user when he first logs in / open the app

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First View provides advertisers with the opportunity to own the most valuable ad space on Twitter platform on any given day, expanding their reach within a 24-hour period, as the validity of the First View will be for 24 hours.

How This Feature will help Business ?

With this First View businesses gets a premium advertisement space and the guaranteed users view as the advertisement will be shown to the user as soon as he opens the application.

Twitter is getting popular and hence improving in the advertisement area. Earlier it has enabled the advertisement by which the marketers and promote the product without user need to log in. This needs no user account of Twitter to promote the twit.

Also the user engagement is increasing day by day with the introduction of the public engagement platform like ‘Twitter Seva‘ by Government for Startups, Bangaluru Police Twitter Seva are some of the initiatives by authorities.

As the Twitter allows the short video content to be displayed in First View it will become greate tool for your marketing campaign. Tata Motors India is among the first advertisers in the region to leverage the feature.

“Audiences today demand video content. With First View, marketers have the ability to connect with their audience through richer forms of communication and creative content, while ensuring that they are constantly top-of-mind on their feeds,”

said Maya Hari, senior director for product strategy and sales, Asia Pacific, Latin America and emerging markets

With the introduction in India the First View is now available in 29 countries including Asia Pacific markets Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

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