Is Your Telesales Staff Letting You Down?

Written by Harshad Patankar

Do you sell to your customers over the phone? If so, you will no doubt have a team of telesales staff to do that. These are salespeople that make and receive dozens of sales calls each day. As you can imagine, each person will have their strengths and weaknesses. But, on the whole, they are good at what they do: selling.

Or so you thought! It might shock you to learn that some of your telesales team might be letting you down. Here are some examples of the most common problems faced by companies:

They don’t know what they’re selling

One of the main issues with telesales staff is when they haven’t got a clue what they’re trying to sell! It’s not unusual for businesses to hire temporary staff during peak seasons. But, because permanent staff are so busy, they might not provide enough product training.

Whenever you’ve got new telesales staff, they should go on a comprehensive training course. That way, they will learn about the key features and benefits of what you offer. Otherwise, they will end up guessing things and making mistakes during their calls. And that can damage your brand’s reputation.

They don’t have regular breaks

The thing about telesales is that the work can sometimes become monotonous. It’s important for staff to take regular breaks. For example, a five-minute break every hour or two will help keep staff focused.

Doing so also stops them from becoming lethargic and have depleted energy levels. After all: the last thing you want is for your staff to fall asleep on the job!

They aren’t following protocol



Another problem related to staff training is when they don’t follow protocol. For example, let’s say that they call someone and tell them about a product you are selling. The person they call agrees to buy it.

At that point, they should be familiar with involving third party verification companies. If they don’t, they are making your firm vulnerable to fraudulent transactions. That’s because the customer’s details aren’t getting verified. Plus, their actions could put your business in legal hot water.

A bad telesales worker is one that doesn’t follow your company’s protocol. As part of your training regime, you must confirm each agent knows what to do when closing a sale.

They aren’t getting enough praise

All people enjoy getting positive feedback from the work they do. The same thing applies especially to telesales staff. They want to know that their techniques and strategies for telephone sales offer results.

If all you do is criticize them and generally be negative towards them, their morale will go down. They will start to feel like over-achieving is a pointless exercise. Soon, service quality levels will drop, and they will no doubt be looking for another job.

You have the power to stop all that. How? Just by pointing out the positive things they do on a regular basis! You don’t have to reward them with a huge cash bonus. A simple “well done” will usually suffice in many occasions!

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