Outsourcing Tech to Ensure Quality and Value

Written by Harshad Patankar

Every business owner with a small startup is concerned about the quality and cost of their business. At least, they are if they’re a good business owner! So it’s important to assess every single task that is required within the company to make it run.

Let’s say that your small business is going to be driven by technology. Perhaps you’re starting a new website. Or a social media platform. Maybe you’re even starting a game studio with a focus on online interactivity and data retention. Whatever it is, these things all require a lot of technology work. And this isn’t always easy — or cheap.


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Outsourcing certain jobs isn’t just about saving money, though that is a very important factor. You could save money internally by hiring people without much professional experience. After all, we all want someone with ten years of experience in coding or server work. But these people will (quite rightly) demand quite a high salary. So it’s tempting to hire someone who has less experience and, thus, less ambitious short-term salary demands. But, of course, we don’t want to do that. For one, even that is probably going to cost more than outsourcing over the course of a year. And we also need that high quality that comes with experience. Forgiveness levels are low for companies who deal with technology in an inexpert fashion.

So what exactly can – and should – we outsource?


By infrastructure, we’re referring to the heavy-duty stuff you’re going to need to run a website or online game. This is the servers and the network systems and all the required hardware for those tasks. You can’t skimp out on these things. When your service experiences downtime, you’re going to turn a lot of customers off. You’re going to get an influx of angry emails. People are going to be less willing to visit your service in the future. People like stability and you need to offer it.



Technically, when you use cloud computing, you are using infrastructure as a service (IaaS). You are using the facilities of another company. You’re abstracting your company from the expensive hardware in order to save money and ensure quality. These things cost a lot to set up and maintain, so consider leaving it with the experts for now.


You need a strong online presence. How else is your online-oriented business going to succeed? Online is where all your potential customers are! The problem with Internet marketing is that it isn’t quite as clear-cut as more traditional marketing methods. Sure, there’s the equivalent of television adverts or billboards found in pop-ups and website banners. But those are often seen as annoyances online unless done correctly. There’s also SEO and CRO to deal with.



Having an internal marketing department is usually pretty costly. Prime candidates for such positions will be well-versed and weathered in the Internet arena. Your best Internet marketing solution may be found outside of your company if you need efficiency and efficacy.


When you’re buying what you need for your business – computers, Internet – you’ll usually get some form of security. You’ll get antivirus software, firewalls, maybe even a little manual for keeping safe online. But the companies selling you this stuff sometimes attach security as an afterthought. They’re not customized for your business; they’re just quick, serve-all solutions. You may want to look deeper into keeping your data safe.



Of course, a cybersecurity expert is not usually. There’s also the fact that they’re only intermittently needed to consider. So it’s somewhat of a blessing that you can hire freelance cybersecurity experts to look into your structure when you need it.

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