Area 120 : Google’s In-house Corporate Incubator Area ; Will It Prevent From Leaving Employees ?

Written by Harshad Patankar

What if you’ll given a chance to incubate your start up within your organization and without leaving your current job ! Feeling good ? Yes ! the technology giant Google is combating brain drain by creating a start-up incubator inside itself to prevent the talent from leaving the company for their start ups.

The program is named as “Area 120” the incubator is designed to keep employees with innovative ideas from leaving to start their own companies. The incubator will be run by longtime Google executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, according to tech-industry news website The Information, which first reported the news.

Google has already launched its Accelerator Program by which funding an nurturing the Mobile Start ups in India and Indian Government is considering start ups seriously and created a Incubation center by DeiTY  , also Pune is getting incubation center from NASSCOM

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What is Area 120

The project ‘Area 120‘ is a next step to Google’s longstanding tradition which lets employees spend their 20% of time to own projects which are greenlighted by company.

You won’t believe that most of the popular projects created by the employees on this 20% time are now earning money to Google. Some of the example of them are

  1. Gmail
  2. AdSense
  3. Google News

There are many small projects which succeed and may also fail. Few days back Google closed its App launcher.

Merging in the Parent ‘Alphabet’

For the same reason last year the Google restructured itself and merged into the parent company called ‘Alphabet’ where ‘G’ means the Google, and V means Verily a project dedicated to Life Science.

We want to empower great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish

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How Can Google Employees Participate in Area 120

Interested in the Area 120 here are the steps which can lead to be a part of the Area 120 and expand your horizon with the Googles incubation help.

  • Create a Business Plan
  • Submit the Business Plan

The dedicated team of Google will review the idea and if accepted, the team will get to work full-time on the idea for a few months and then will get the opportunity to pitch Google for more funding and to create a standalone company, according to the person close to the company.

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