With UberMOTO by Uber bike taxies are coming to Bangalore; Offering Bike Rides At Rs 3/km

Written by Harshad Patankar

Uber is not going to settle down in the competitive app-based transportation business. After disrupting the 4-wheeler industry with cheap rides and car pooling, it is the turn of 2 wheelers now.

UberMOTO has officially launched by Uber in Bangalore, which provides bike rides on rent for Rs 3/km. Considering the crumbling road infrastructure in the city, and the unending traffic jams, this seems an excellent move to say the least.

Taking this opportunity the rival  Online cab aggregator Ola launched its bike taxi initiative in Bangalore literally hours after Uber launched a similar service. The service be similar to Ola cabs; users will see driver details, have an SOS option, live tracking and online payment using Ola Money. Booking can be made through the regular app.

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The industry is certainly excited, as there are only few start ups in the cities which offer similar services. After the entry of Uber, we can witness an increase in their usage as well as popularity.


To use this service helmets would be compulsory; which is cleared by the while launching UberMOTO service in Bangalore, both the rider and the driver needs to wear them during the ride. Payment would be normal for this service. Uber is also considering to create wallet and we have previously covered the coverage on the same.


The rates will oscillate between Rs 3 to Rs 5 per km (depending on the demand and supply ratio) and Uber will charge a 20% commission on each ride.

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2 Wheeler taxies : Are they able to Solve Traffic Issues ?

With more than  38 lakh two wheelers & 11 lakh cars in Bangalore, which is constantly increasing day by day with increase in population, traffic has gone real mess in the city.

UberMOTO and Ola services  can encourage bike owners to share their rides, and it can in turn reduce the dependency on 4-wheelers. The bike option also saves time in the high traffic slot. But considering the women travellers it would be difficult for them to avail service with ease.


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