Mahila e-Haat : Online marketing portal for women entrepreneurs by Govt; poor execution

Written by Harshad Patankar

This women’s day was gift to women in #DigitalIndia as The ministry of women and child development has launched an online marketing portal for women entrepreneurs  called Mahila e-haat. The website will allow women to list and showcase their products online without any extra costs

What is Mahila e-Haat

Mahila e-Haat helps women entrepreneurs to showcase products manufactured and sold  by them. The ministry says that more than 10,000 self help groups and 1.25 lakh women beneficiaries would be able to use the website on the day of launch.

How to Get Products Online on E-haat Portal?

Currently this portal is in its beta version, the website is very well created and is not complex at all for anyone. To sell online through the website,

  • Go to the portal
  • click on Join Us
  • fill a form pertaining to your identity and products to be offered.
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The other option is to download the same form and send it to the Ministry for getting the products on the marketplace.

Which are the products which can be sell on Mahila e-Haat ?

There are variety of products to sell from;

  • Clothing and jewellery
  • bags
  • baskets
  • boxes
  • carpets
  • groceries 

Next Steps in Portal

The portal will not stop only here and will expand in every angle. According to the Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi said the second stage Mahila e-haat will integrate with e-commerce portals to provide a larger platform for selling and buying.

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Although the these e-commerce portal are not identified yet and we have not received any official confirmation on the same.

BumbleBee Hub’s take

On first look, the website looks like a poorly executed listings site. We think the portal should let register women online and allowed to sell directly from the dashboard.

With this initiative women also get computer literate and they can use the portal effectively. The website should also have a payment portal with the money going directly into their bank accounts. Although the portal is in beta version we can expect many features in coming days.


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