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Will Twitter turn as Facebook with its new Algorithmic Timeline Feature

Written by Harshad Patankar

Ever wondered if Twitter can turn in to Facebook ? but yes with its new feature called timeline you can feel the Facebook like behaviour for popular micro blogging platform. In an attempt to bring tweets to more people across the globe, micro blogging site Twitter is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline like Fabebook as soon as next week.

What is Twitter timeline

As per the Official Blog of Twitter; A twitter timeline will shuffle your twits and arrange it in order which are appropriate to the users.

“Before today, you could see individual Tweets but it was hard to discover stories and conversations happening on Twitter without signing in. Now, you can check out a news story as it unfolds,”

Paul Lambert, product manager of Twitter, wrote on the micro blogging website’s blog on February 2. Also company gives the details about what will be in your timeline in the official blog.

Where it will be rolled out

The home timeline will be rolled out to people across 23 countries, including India, who visit the homepage on their mobile devices. However, it is unclear whether Twitter will force users to use the algorithmic feed, or it will merely be an option.

Twitter is also expanding a refreshed homepage, which is already available in the US and Japan, to 23 other countries.

The Twitter is incorporating various changes to remain popular in the market, In October last year Twitter has rolled out Twitter Polls, also we experienced launch of the Moments and Curated Tabs.

With the launch of the new services the company has started to monetise from the users which are not logged in to the portal last December. Also Twitter is planning to increase the character count to 10000 from current 140.


How to perform Twitter Timeline settings

You can adjust your setting for Show me the best Tweets first by doing the following:


  1. Log in to your account on and go to your Account settings page.
  2. Under Content, look for Timeline and toggle the box next to Show me the best Tweets first to change the setting.


Twitter for iOS:

  1. On your profile, tap the gear icon  and select Settings.
  2. Tap the account whose settings you’d like to adjust.
  3. Under Timeline, tap Timeline personalization.
  4. Next to Show me the best Tweets first, tap to turn it off.


Twitter for Android:

  1. Tap the overflow icon 
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Timeline.
  4. Next to Show me the best Tweets first, uncheck the box to turn it off.

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