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Banglore to get dedicated Internet of Things Lab from L&T

Written by Harshad Patankar

As era is moving from internet enabled computer to handheld devices and now to internet enabled home, we can see incredible growth and potential for further growth in the Internet of Things sector, Being a home for IT enabled technologies and knowledge resources Larsen & Toubro has set up an Internet of Things Solutions Centre in Bangalore.

What is Internet of Things ?

It is a technology that basically helps in connecting physical infrastructure and equipment to each other and to computers for the purpose of monitoring and control.  With use of IoT; Facilities such as monitoring of traffic lights, power meters, factory equipment and household items such as refrigerators, television can be done easily and within a touch of a button.

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Imagine a healthcare machine which is saying that it is now needed to repair me !  Connecting these to the Internet can help in close monitoring of functioning and health of such equipment, we can manage any deviation or deterioration in the equipment’s performance and able to point it for immediate human attention, or automatically rectified.

Who are working in this area ?

We can find very biggies viz. Infosys, HCL Tech and TCS are major Indian players in this area. With this dedicated lab L&T Infotech, which is a subsidiary of L&T, have entered into the deeps.

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How lab will be functioning ?

The lab will work to show the IoT solution for different pillers of the industry and will show to the society a value added machineries enabled with IoT. “The setup employs Cisco’s IoT infrastructure products like Enterprise and Industrial routers, switches and UCS servers and L&T Technology Services’ technology capabilitiesm,” said India’s biggest construction company in a statement.

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